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Top 5 Pros and Cons of Living in Phoenix

by Daniel E. Fava
Phoenix, Arizona

Thinking about moving to the southwest, but don’t know which state is right for you? Many people choose to live in Phoenix, AZ because of its hot, sunny weather and location to many popular cities and activities. However, some people don’t prefer these aspects and would rather live somewhere with a winter season and more lush scenery. There are pros and cons to every place you could live in. Here are the top 5 pros and cons of living in Phoenix, Arizona.


1. Weather

The pros and cons of living in Phoenix usually vary depending on how cold/hot your body temperature runs and what your preference is, the dry hot weather might be a pro. The weather in Phoenix is identical to the weather throughout the state. The heat is extreme and the air does not contain any moisture or humidity. Along with this, comes no rainfall or snow. If you don’t like the cold weather this would be a perfect place for you. The skies are always sunny and you can get a nice tan all year round. Not to mention, there are many outdoor activities that you can enjoy all year because of the hot weather.

2. Things to Do

Along with being warm and sunny, there is always something to do outdoors! If you aren’t into hiking or biking, downtown Phoenix has plenty of restaurants and activities. The Phoenix Zoo is nationally well known and is one of the top zoos to visit in the United States. Not to mention, many national parks and entertainment parks are only a short drive. Even downtown Las Vegas is only a few hours away. Phoenix is centrally located to many fun cities and landscapes to keep you busy and entertained.

3. Growing Economy

Because Arizona itself is growing and changing, there are many jobs in the area. Especially in Phoenix, where a lot of businesses are, there are many jobs to choose from. According to NCSL, the unemployment rate for Arizona back in January of this year was only 4.5% which is fairly low compared to the other states. Of course, with the COVID-19 affecting the economy, these numbers in every state have increased. However, normally Arizona is full of a rich economy full of jobs and opportunities for everyone.

Arizona has many jobs in a diverse market. In Phoenix, there are many restaurants and dining options for a job in the hospitality and food industry If you want a better paying job, short commutes are done to other parts of the valley right outside of Phoenix.

4. Diverse Cultures

Many people call a state where diverse cultures come to live as a “melting pot”. Phoenix and Arizona in general, are looked at more like a salad. Each culture comes and brings its own traditions and cultures with them. They hold onto those cultures and don’t mix in and blend their cultures with other people. This creates a sort of “salad” effect in the area and each culture has new ideas, experiences, and backgrounds they bring to the table. This has a positive effect on the overall environment because you get businesses that are run by people from that culture. Native Americans were the first people to inhabit Arizona and throughout the state, you can see the influence their beautiful culture had on the layout and diverse area of Phoenix. Different cultures and people make for a unique and beautiful mix of people that grow and become more well-rounded. Plus, people who have never experienced these cultures can come to Phoenix and get a glimpse at something unique to them.

4. Easy to travel

Along with lots of things to do, Phoenix is located close to Mexico! If you have the desire to lay on the beach in Mexico, the nearest beach is only about 4 hours away. Not to mention, there are multiple highways and easy routes to get to California, Nevada, and Utah for a nice weekend getaway. The nice thing about Phoenix is the city is surrounded by the highway. Interstate-17 and Interstate-10 create sort of a square around Phoenix so no matter where you are, you can easily jump on the freeway. This is also nice because, with more freeway and places to travel, the highway doesn’t get as backed up which prevents jams and slow traffic.


1. Natural colors

Something unique to Arizona is the coloring of the buildings and environment. Most of the buildings are beige or neutral tones. For some people, this can seem boring and lifeless. Much of the scenery is desert and so it looks very similar to red and beige tones. For some neighborhoods, having this consistency can look neat and increase the value of the neighborhood. However, some people find this predictable and boring and would prefer more color.

2. Cost of Living

Rising populations mean rising rent prices. Arizona has been seeing a rise in rent and housing prices in the last couple of years. This could be due to many people finding living near the coast more desirable than the east. More jobs and opportunities might be available for people out west. Because of this, housing prices are being raised to keep up with the demand. Renters in Phoenix are seeing an 8.3% increase in rent prices since last year and the numbers seem to still be rising, according to azbigmedia.com. The rising numbers for rent prices could also be due to more families choosing to rent rather than buy. More people are choosing a more flexible lifestyle with less commitment than one that requires settling down and being locked into a lengthy mortgage.


3. Car Registration Fees

Arizona bases their registration fees on the year of the car. This means that a car made in 2017 is going to be more expensive to register than a car from 2013. This can be tough because as consumers have more money to spend on their vehicles and choose to buy a new model, they will be spending more to get it registered and maintain it legally. The fees for having an unregistered vehicle and driving it on the road is more expensive as well. Coming from a state that bases their registration fees on weight or simply a flat fee, it can be shocking to pay more money for registration. There is also something called a Vehicle License Tax that is based on a percentage of the manufacturer’s base retail price for the automobile. This is also an added fee that can be shocking to have to pay when first coming to Phoenix.

4. Weather

The pros and cons of living in Phoenix can depend on what your living preferences are. For people in Phoenix, the hot weather usually means running their air conditioning units. Because the weather is extremely dry and hot, the constant AC unit running means higher utility bills and overall costs. Because Arizona is a desert, the hot weather brings cracked and dry skin and pests. Some of these can be frustrating when you’re already dealing with the hot weather every day. Some people invest in nice outdoor furniture and mesh screens to block the direct rays and pests. However, this is an investment and can be expensive. Also, if you rent you don’t have any control over the layout of your apartment. The weather in Arizona is something to keep in mind if you plan on moving.


5. Demand for Land

The cost of buying property and land in Phoenix is far more expensive than properties in Utah, Nevada, and the surrounding areas. This is partially due to the increasing number of people who are choosing to live in Phoenix. The area is growing and becoming more and more popular as time goes on. Also, the ideal sunny climate is desirable for people who are looking to retire and want their own section of land. Choosing to rent is also becoming more and more popular and the demand for apartments is also competitive. In Phoenix, there are many downtown apartments to choose from. However, apartments that are downtown usually brings a higher price tag.

Phoenix, AZ can be like a sunny resort every day if you choose to live here! The pros and cons of living in Phoenix depend on what your preferences are. We have other cities in the west that are good to learn about prior to moving there. If you are interested in moving to the area, check out this post! And if you’re looking to rent an apartment, be sure to visit Marketapts.com/ Apartments.

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