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6 Tricks To Apartment Living With Pets

by Josephine Hogan

There’s no way you could possibly live without your best friend in your new apartment. But finding a place that’s both perfect for you and your pet can be a struggle. There is a lot to consider when you’re looking for a new apartment to keep you, your pet, and your landlord happy. And so you can get your security deposit back when everything is said and done.

1) Pick the right space for your animal

Whether you already have a pet or you’re looking to get one in the near future, one of the most important aspects of apartment living is making sure both you and your pet are going to be able to live there comfortably. A large dog that needs a lot of space to move around isn’t going to enjoy being cramped up all day. Instead, consider a smaller pet that needs less time running around the dog part.

2) Train your pet

No one wants to hear a dog barking at all hours of the night, not even when it’s your own pet. In order to be a good neighbor to those around you, be sure to train your dog. Not only with barking but other aspects as well. If you don’t have control over your dog when you’re outside, it can be a danger for those around you. When it comes to apartment living, having a trained pet, especially dogs, is a must.

3) Potty Train Your Pets

One of the most important things to do when it comes to having pets is potty training. Be sure to have a lot of patience, it takes a lot of practice. Figure out a schedule and stick to it to help your pet know how to navigate the new space. Putting down training pads may help in the first days of potty training. However, be sure to clean up as quickly as possible. Potty smells are ones that stick around long after.

4) Establish a routine

When it comes to living in an apartment, a pet will need to have a regular routine for bathroom breaks. You’ll need to set up times where they can expect to go outside for a bit of time. It’s important to stick to this routine in order for you and your pet to know what to expect during the day.

5) Consider a First Floor Apartment

We all know that pets need to go outside a lot. For all of the potty breaks as well as to just stretch their legs and get some fresh air. But living on the top floor of the building can get a bit obnoxious having to take them out all the time. By choosing a first-floor apartment, you can eliminate all the hassle of stairs with pups and can start enjoying your walk a lot sooner.

6) Find a Pet-Friendly Apartment Building in Phoenix

Allegro Apartments: https://www.allegro-apts.com/

Ventana Palms: https://www.ventanapalmsapartments.com/

The Union on 28th Apartments: https://www.unionon28th.com/

Seventeen 805: https://www.seventeen805.com/  

Prados Apartments at Arcadia: https://www.pradosapartments.com/

Follow these simple tricks and you’ll be sure to have the perfect place for both you and your pet. What are some of your favorite tricks to do to help with your pets while living in an apartment? Head on down to the comments to let us know.

If you’re looking for an affordable place to live, or are interested in moving to the amazing city of Phoenix, find your next dream apartment here. And while you’re on your search for the best apartments, head over to our post on some of the pros and cons of living in the city.

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