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by Daniel E. Fava
apts phoenix: sun flower

apts phoenix: sun flowerAs a follow up to my article on rent Phoenix I found this and wanted to link to it.

Forclosures put thousands of people out of their homes and caused them to rent Phoenix apartments. That’s the main reason why Phoenix is among the top 10 places is the nation to buy rental property.

“Prices are so cheap right now that investors can actually cash-flow again, which obviously makes it very enticing to buy rental properties here,” said broker Donovan Reese with Renters Warehouse. He said many people who lost their homes decided to rent Phoenix apartments. Many people who can afford to buy don’t because they are still worried about their jobs according to https://ktar.com/category/local-news-articles/20110714/Phoenix-big-on-investment-housing,-with-many-renters/.

How about you? Any luck finding rent Phoenix apartments? Comment below.

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Or, click here: https://www.aptsphoenix.net/discover-phoenix-apartments

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